Olachi Egbutu

Over the past week at ACE, I’ve been planning for the “what is ACE” video and taking on few more projects for programs within ACE. On Friday, I got the chance to meet with Christopher Holloway. He works with at risk youth and requested I make a few things for his program. We agreed on creating an infographic that will replace lengthy, yet important emails students aren’t reading and postcards in order to remind students of missed appointments and upcoming appointments. I was also asked to film a financial aid literacy workshop that will later be used for students who were not able to attend it.

Earlier in the week, I created a google doc for advisors to sign up for interviews for the video but of course only a few advisors signed up. So, I took the time to go around the office and ask advisors face to face to be in the video or recommend a student to be on camera. Many of them didn’t want to be on camera and couldn’t recommend a student to be interviewed. So, I’m back at square one. There’s only a little over a month left in this semester and I don’t want to film this at the last minute. Hopefully I’m able to work this out.

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