Nikki Pham

Because social media is such a popular platform, it is important to understand and know how to make mobile ads. With this in mind, I created my first mobile ad. Unlike past my past projects, this was a completely different type of advertising method. Rather than making logos, labels, and social media plans, I had to create an ad that promoted the company as a whole and make it enticing enough for customers to click on. My client sells purses and she wanted me to advertise her new spring line. Based on her company’s needs, I created a mobile ad that showcased a few purses and added a link that said “Shop Now.” By doing so, it shows the customers the types of purses available, but to see the rest of the collection and purchase them, the customer would have to visit the actual website.

These are some key points I learned this week. Mobile ads are similar to flyers, but on a digital platform. A difference between printed flyers and mobile ads are the information on it. Flyers usually have more in depth information whereas mobile ads are shorter. So if customers want more information on the company then they would have to click on the ad and the ad would take them straight to the website. Overall, it is importance to know the difference and create the proper advertising methods as requested because I was originally trying to make it more like a flyer.

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