Mckenzie Horne

Several agents contacted me this week via our Marketing email asking for me to make them flyers. There are different types of flyers I can make. I can make open house, coming soon, or new listing flyers. This week I made two different “coming soon” flyers for an agent here at the office. It was honestly really cool seeing the different things you could do when making a flyer. I made my flyer through a website called It has so many different options to choose from! As I was creating the flyer, I was thinking of how much I actually enjoyed doing stuff like that. I am looking forward to doing more before the semester ends!

This experience can help prepare me for the real world by giving me Marketing/PR assistant’s point of view on how to tackle certain assignments. It will give me a better outlook on what a Marketing/PR assistant does on a daily. It will also help me to clearly analyze every project I do and make sure that it’s within the companies/agents guidelines.

My overall internship perspective is that I am excited for my future in Marketing/PR. I am grateful for this internship in that it will somewhat prepare me for the real world and the things I will have to face in the workplace. It allows me to be comfortable with the type of work setting/workload I will be given in the near future.


Above are pictures of the two different flyers I made for an agent.


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