Leslie Bradshaw

Pezold Management and Community Affairs

                  This week was spent differently from the others so far. I was able to join the person I am interning with at a meeting in downtown Columbus. The meeting was for YP which is Young Professionals- their goal is to fill the area with gifted young professionals that will help continue a great community. Cassie Myers, the person I am interning under, is the secretary for this organization. Her membership is covered and supported by Pezold Management. I was able to see what she does through Pezold Management with this organization by going to this meeting. I find that this is yet another way Pezold Management is looking to be close to the community by sending out their communication specialist to be involved in community affairs. In this meeting, we discussed upcoming service projects, for example, Clean up Midtown. We also discussed better opportunities for communication internally and externally. This opportunity taught me the role of a communication professional in a business meeting setting and what the role is.

The meeting this week inspired me to get involved with an organization like YP. This internship has already showed me many things, but now I am seeing how Cassie is able to network. YP is full of figureheads from other large companies in the area such as Georgia Power and News Leader 9. I am hoping to build these relationships now so that I may have success in promoting my future company.


This is a copy of the YP meeting minutes I was given. I was using this to

Follow the meeting and take notes of what was being discussed.

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