Madison Ullman

Senior Internship

Blog #9

This week I met with a lot of agents. I had agents I met for a web audit send me a link to their current listings on Navica, so I no longer have to wait for them to send me listings. Instead, I can go through and post about their current listings on my schedule. I have developed a system where I choose the properties that have been on the market the longest, and I create posts for those homes first. When I am getting ready to create a post, I email the agent and ask for pictures and any information they want me to include in the post. I then save the post I create in their drafts, so the agent can edit or tag anyone they want. I also met with a few agents who I have already been posting on a regular basis. For these meetings, I discussed with them the importance of personalized Facebook posts. I can post listings or some recipes, but at the end of the day it is their business page, and they need to be visibly active on it. This next week is Thanksgiving, so it’ll be interesting to see how active the agents can be online during the Holidays. This will be a great time to introduce, and teach, scheduled Facebook posts, so agents can enjoy time with their family while continuing to post 3-5 times a week.

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