Madison Ullman

Blog #2

            We did our first run on a Social Media Presence Audit this week. It was nice to get some kind of idea on how the beginning of this internship will work. There is still a lot of uncertainty about how this will all work though. This coming Tuesday, Paul will roll out the program to all their realtors, so a lot more work will be coming my way. Next week will definitely be exciting.

Kasey Cross

Week 2

This week was especially exciting, as I got to work on the CRH Foundation’s “Miracle Takeover.”

This was our first ever “Miracle Takeover” as partnered with the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) and iHeart Radio. The goal was to raise $25,000 for our children’s hospital (a CMN hospital) specifically for the renovation and completion of our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The takeover was scheduled to start at 6 a.m. on Thursday and Friday and end at 7 p.m.

Media from all over the valley attended. There were live radio interviews all day long, news casts with some “miracle families,” and live news coverage with WTVM all day long.

I spent my Thursday afternoon in the lobby of Midtown Medical Center. As soon as I got there Jessica had me craft an impromptu media advisory and email it to our media contacts. I also got to help her update our social media pages, which was our most daunting responsibility of the day. This task had us going back and forth between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at a constant rate. We were manning both CRH’s pages and the Foundation pages, and scanning the pages for individual reporters, news networks, and radio stations for mentions of the Takeover so that we could react and share their posts. Overall, the interaction between the hospital and the public was massive. Each post was regularly getting thousands of likes and shares, with many of them getting upwards of 50 comments.

My special task was updating the ticker tape at the bottom of WTVM’s half-hourly news updates. This was really fun, and it was rewarding to write my own copy and see it running in real time on television.

Below I have some images captured by news networks and our own photographer during the Takeover on Thursday.

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Madison Ullman

Blog #1

This week was the first week of my internship with Coldwell Banker. It was very nerve wracking to go in on the first day and meet some of the owners and higher ups. It is exciting to be one of their first interns, but I can also tell that it will be very hard to lay the ground work for future interns. I look forward to seeing how this internship progresses.