Keona Swindler

This week, two of my jobs collided with one another. Ferst Foundation donated copies from from Denene Millner Publishing to the Boys & Girls Clubs North Club Unit. I am the marketing assistant for the Boys & Girls Clubs, so it was nice to see two great organizations I work for come together! The books donated were “There’s a Dragon in My Closet” by Dorothea Taylor and “Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut” by Derrick Barnes were donated to the Club members.

We are working on collaborating with local school, Emmanuel Prep. We hope to get some of their students to register for Ferst Foundation through the site. Also, I shared the weekly fun fact for Friday, which wasn’t exactly fun, but it provided great information on literacy. (side note: check our Facebook page out!!) Lastly, I work on two sections for Muscogee County Ferst’s page. I hope to have them completed at least by Wednesday to send to Warren for approval!


Keeli Waugh

I worked more on emails for California and helped put together promotional bags that were being prepared for the Way Down Film Festival. Also, a new office was added so I helped rearrange some items from one office to another. I prepared a schedule for the Rock Mountain Convention. Richard, the head of Fun Academy Motion Pictures, came in on Friday. I got to meet and speak with him about what I was doing as an intern and a little bit about the film industry.

Madison Ullman

Blog #4

This week we started meeting with agents to go over their web audits. Sometimes Paul is in the meetings and offers his opinions, but other times I conduct the meetings on my own. It is interesting how some of the agents need our help with their social media accounts, but others need to focus on other aspects of marketing. For example, I met with a brand-new agent, and we discussed ways to start off her social media presence strong. However, when I met with an agent that has been doing this for 20 years, Paul suggested she focus on tapping into and strengthening her current client base rather than get overly involved in Facebook. This coming week we will conduct more of the web audit meetings and hopefully start rolling up our sleeves and fixing some of the issues we’ve identified.

Andrea Smith

Blogs 1 & 2

I am heading into week three of my student internship with CB/KPDD. Last week Madison and I were introduced (or “rolled out”, was the term Paul used) to the agents in a meeting. Thankfully, Dr. Gibson and Professor Robinson did all the talking for us, and Madison and I just introduced ourselves.

I am looking forward to working with Madison, she and I seem to have similar personalities and backgrounds. It makes for a good team atmosphere.

We have created a web presence audit (in excel format) for agents and Madison created a Social Media calendar to share ideas. We have an internal document shared between Madison, Paul, and myself that includes our notes. We then created a “one sheet” to share with the agents to focus their efforts for improvements, but to also point out where they are performing well.

Next week we will begin meeting with agents one-on-one to review what we have found online and share our suggestions.

Getting to know Paul Fincher has been great, he has a lot of knowledge and is a good person to model other agent’s social media strategies after. Ed Grifenhagen is the Director of Sales & Development for CB/KDPP. We met with him our first week in training and he was able to give great insight on how best to help agents as they move along in their real estate careers.

I am looking forward to week three and getting to more agents as we go along.

Kasey Cross

Week 3

I can’t tell what the best part of a three day weekend is. Is it the fact that we get a three day weekend, or that we have a four day work week? Either way, a three day weekend is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

Last week was a nice wind down from the fast paced environment of planning and executing an event. On Tuesday,  I was able to join my two communication worlds of CRH and the RiverCenter during our meeting with Pam Fair from SafeKids Columbus. Her goal is to get community leaders to donate and sponsor SafeKids. She came up with a graphic chart of what perks being a corporate sponsor would include, and intended to hand out these one-sheets to potential sponsors.

Working in Development at RiverCenter has allowed me to come into contact with many of the details that include working with a corporate sponsor. Using these experiences, I was able to brainstorm with Pam a visual that would more effectively help her recruit sponsors. I gave her my idea of a brochure that not only included her graphic but also information on SafeKids, and a tear out section for sponsors to fill out in order to make their donation. Pam loved it, and I am hoping I’ll get to work with her on the actual design and implementation of the brochure.

Brochures seemed to be the theme last week, as I spent Thursday putting the finishing touches on brochures for our cardiology and interventional radiology departments. The technician who requested them wanted a large amount of information included in a very small space, so I’ve been working on this project for quite some time. Formatting the brochures was a struggle, and I had to do a lot of remodeling with the information. But last week I finally finished the project, and I’m excited to get a physical copy that I can add to my portfolio.

This week I’m hoping to get a few more writing projects, as its been a while since I’ve been able to write content for the hospital. We’re finally getting the ball rolling on the Thank You Notes collaborative we’re doing between Marketing and the CRH Foundation, so hopefully this will include more editing and creating. I’ve also got a First Friday Hero meeting lined up, as well as a meeting with the head of Foundation to discuss our upcoming publication.

Until next week,


Keona Swindler

This week was an exciting time for Ferst Foundation. We were awarded $9,000 from the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley. The funds will allow us to increase the number of children receiving books every month. The number will increase to 3,000! I shared the Ledger-Enquirer article on our Facebook page where we received a higher number of likes and activity. This Friday, I also shared a fun fact of the foundation.

One of my goals for this semester was to update the website. This week, I accomplished in updating the homepage, meet the team, and get involved sections. The homepage is more neat and clean. It provides the basic information without being cluttered with unnecessary information. The meet the team section had the least renovations. However, I made the section more appealing using drop shadow boxes. The get involved section is also more appealing with drop shadow boxes and slideshow of pictures from our community events.

For this upcoming week, I hope to finish editing other sections of the site and increase postings from two posts to three or four posts. Also, I am going to pull social media analytics for the month of September to compare with the month of August.

Madison Ullman

Blog #3

This week we started web audits on some of the realtors. It was interesting to start figuring out how this whole process works. Andrea and I decided it was best to complete the web audits on their Facebook page, KPDD page, Google reviews, Zillow profile, Trulia profile, and Realtors profile then break it all down in a detailed word document that we can go over with the realtors. We also came up with an easy to understand social media calendar and tool chest which realtors can use to post diversified content at least three to five days out of the week. This coming week we will start meeting with the relators to go over their web audits and come up with some ways to improve and increase their social media presence.