Kasey Cross

Week 5

Last week was a week of good ideas, and a much needed boost to my confidence in the workplace.

Tuesday I got to spend catching up on what happened the Monday before with the arrival of Hurricane Irma. My neighborhood must be in a really good spot, because the storm was underwhelming, to say the least. But I learned that Columbus Regional Health played a significant role that day in assisting evacuees and first responders.

The hospital sent out the Mobile Unit, which is essentially a traveling clinic, that was able to treat over 100 patients and give them access to much needed medication. The benefit of the Mobile Unit was that the emergency room was kept open for life threatening emergencies that may arise. Our hospital also took in 500 patients from hospitals in other parts of the state, as well as a few neonates.

I felt privileged to be able to help craft a press release on the impressive work my company did during such a time of distress.

On Thursday we finally had the much-anticipated First Friday Hero Committee meeting. This meeting was much bigger than I expected, as it was full of multiple nurses, doctors, and corporate personnel ready to hash out the next First Friday Hero.

With so many people in the meeting, ideas on who our candidate should be were fluttering around simultaneously — but none of them seemed to stick. Plenty of good ideas, of course, but no one who really had that thing that made us think “Yes, this is the person we need to highlight.”

Someone brought up making the Mobile Unit itself a First Friday Hero, which lead to someone else bringing up the Civic Center, and someone else bringing up the linemen. Then I pitched my idea: what if we highlighted them all?

So, in a special edition of First Friday Hero, October will be celebrating the first ever “Hurricane Heroes.” This makes my job much bigger, but I am excited to be able to pioneer such a commemorative experience. We will be honoring multiple organizations and entities that lent a hand during the hurricane, and posting a photo album of their efforts and community images that capture the goodwill that came out of the storm.

This week I plan to begin work on organizing a photo shoot so we can officially  get started on the Hurricane Heroes album.

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