Keona Swindler

This week was an exciting time for Ferst Foundation. We were awarded $9,000 from the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley. The funds will allow us to increase the number of children receiving books every month. The number will increase to 3,000! I shared the Ledger-Enquirer article on our Facebook page where we received a higher number of likes and activity. This Friday, I also shared a fun fact of the foundation.

One of my goals for this semester was to update the website. This week, I accomplished in updating the homepage, meet the team, and get involved sections. The homepage is more neat and clean. It provides the basic information without being cluttered with unnecessary information. The meet the team section had the least renovations. However, I made the section more appealing using drop shadow boxes. The get involved section is also more appealing with drop shadow boxes and slideshow of pictures from our community events.

For this upcoming week, I hope to finish editing other sections of the site and increase postings from two posts to three or four posts. Also, I am going to pull social media analytics for the month of September to compare with the month of August.

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