Keona Swindler

Blog #1

It has been a month and two weeks since I started working with Muscogee County Ferst Foundation. The opportunity seemed like fate. Professor Marion Scott emailed me about the position and I had an interview the next week. I met with the volunteer coordinator, Warren Steele, at Midtown Coffee House. My nervousness seemed to subside once I found out that Warren and his wife knew my father. It was easy to talk about all my ideas once I realized we had a common factor. Thanks Dad for passing out my baby pictures at work! Columbus is such a small, big town. We talked about the position and the organization as a whole. I instantly felt gravitated towards the work of Ferst. It concide with the current work I do at Boys & Girls Clubs.

I accepted the position after waiting for one or two days. Since I have begun working with Ferst, my tasks have included managing their social media platforms and website. Facebook is their primary platform, at the moment. One of my goals before the end of the semester is to create two new social media accounts. This past week, I worked on #FunFactFriday where I post one fact about childhood literacy. Also, I have been working on their website to make it more clean and easy for visitors.

My goal for the upcoming week is to finish the site’s renovations. Once I am finished, I will send to Warren for approval. If all goes well I want to “reveal” the new site on Facebook to our followers.

I am excited to see what all I can do with Ferst. I have such high hopes and goals and hope to fulfill them all. Since August, we have seen major user engagement, which is great predictor for the future!



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