Kasey Cross

Week 1

This week has been an exciting week for me. With classes starting, adding school into my busy summer routine has been hectic but I have high hopes that I’ll breeze through the semester to graduation.

Columbus Regional Health (CRH or “Columbus Regional” from here on out) was slow, but fun. We got a new graphic designer, Carol, and I finally got to meet her. She’s incredibly fun, and talked to me about her daughter who (like me) started out wanting to do political communication and found her true calling in healthcare. She works for the CDC now, and that little tidbit made me very hopeful for my own plans in healthcare.

This week more than anything else has been reflective for me. The first week of school is always such an ambitious time where it feels like anything is possible, and the world is at my fingertips. Talking with Carol and my new professors has reiterated in me the plans I have for myself. Even though sometimes it seems like my plans change from week to week, one thing has remained the same: I want to use my career for public service.

When I heard about the recent terror attack in Barcelona, I felt driven to do something with my life that would help in the future. I want to work in an environment that responds to global crises, and I think that my time working in a hospital will certainly prepare me to respond to crises. As my professor, Marion Scott, pointed out to me there is no shortage of crises when working in healthcare — as everything is “life and death.”

Next week holds some fun possibilities for me as well. CRH is hosting the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Mediathon. We’ll be hosting multiple media outlets, some radio and some television, on Thursday and Friday. I’ll be accompanying our media coordinator, Jessica, on Thursday afternoon to oversee the media staff — something I’ve done many times before but never really gets old to me. I did a little bit of prep for it last week by writing copy to roll on the bottom of the screen while the Mediathon interviews are filmed. I also wrote up a fact sheet about the fundraising event including what supplies CMN is raising money for and how they benefit the pediatric patients.

More on that next week, for now I need to get back to packing my bags and preparing for the second week of school.


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