Claudette McKenzie

Senior Intern #10

April 8, 2017 was the hardest day for me as an intern. The National Crime Victims Right week started off with the staff from the District Attorney’s office greeting family members of homicide victims as they arrived at the event. What I didn’t realize is that after hearing their stories, it was going to change the way I see the world forever. I cried hearing mothers talking about how their children were killed, and what they have been through to cope and move on with their lives. As an intern, I was so thankful to have been given that opportunity to just listen and give hugs to these family members and just letting them know we are just a phone call away if they need to talk. I just pray the family members find comfort in God’s love.  Below is a link about the event.


Louis Sanville

Week of April 10 – 14th, 2017

It was another week at the office. Mr. Champagne was showing me how to work the boards more, which is great for me. I always wanted to get some more practice while I do some more vocals to get to the station. Also, the week was getting a little hectic for me, because I have assignment after assignment to finish. I’m only a few weeks away from completing the internship, and I’m learning so much already.

Louis Sanville

Week of April 3 – 7, 2017

Week four at the PMB Broadcasting Station was not as packed as last week. I only showed up for one day, which was the 3rd. I only had to practice my liners for that day. I had some more work to do with my pronunciation with certain words when I speak into the microphone. I couldn’t make it for Wednesday and Friday because of a tornado warning that closed down the university for the day (Wednesday) and a trip to New Orleans for a job that I have to leave for in the morning (Friday). I knew that as soon as I get back into the studio, I would have to come prepared with my voicework.

Scharis Weary

This week, I am still working on emails for the database. There wasn’t much excitement in the office, but I always enjoy working with the other interns.  One of the employees bought her dog to the office, but she showed no interest in being pet or talked to. Her name is Sunday.