Madison Ullman

Adaptability is Key

This week, I continued working the floor. I am starting to get comfortable trucking the cameras and being out on the floor during the newscast. This week, however, I was thrown a slight curveball. On one of the days that I interned, there was a guest that was going to come on in the middle of the newscast. She came in during a two-minute break. We had to mic her and position her on camera quickly. Ricki, one of the anchors, had to move off her spot to make room for her. I had to pan camera one and truck camera three. After her segment, the chaos continued. When we put a mic on her, we gave her Mallory’s mic, but her segment was up next. So, we had a quick turnaround for taking the mic off of the guest and putting it back on Mallory. I also had to turn and truck camera two quickly. It was interesting to see how quick things need to happen when the cameras are not on. A lot more goes on behind the scenes than many people realize.

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