Louis Sanville

Week of April 17 – 21, 2017

It’s my second-to last week here at the station, and I wanted to get some more practice in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to the station on Monday because Mr. Champagne told me not to come in. He was having some car trouble that prevented him to come to work that day (Low-key, I was kind of glad to not go because I stayed up very late the night before). I was ready to get some work done Wednesday, which found me re-writing some scripts to read for practicing on the microphone. Mr. Champagne told me that it was for me to read for practice. On Friday, I came in to read the news script and lay down vocals on the computer for it. I showed the recording to Mr. Champagne, and he told me that my reading of the news was better than before but could still use some work. By my last week at the station, I hope to lay down vocals he would be satisfied with. All-in-all, I had an interesting time at PMB Broadcasting. I hope that it would take to greater and better opportunities.


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