Claudette McKenzie

Senior Intern #11

Things have slowed down for me as an intern at the DAs office. The event is finally over. I can sleep peacefully at night knowing I tried my best. I did a really great job. This week, I am focused on finishing up the online certification class that is required of me to be an intern at the DAs office. I was also contacted through the DAs office by a friend of the young man Jason Boykin, who was found dead with a single gunshot wound by his girlfriend last week in his home, here in Columbus. They wanted me to make a social media announcement letting people know where the memorial was going to be using the Twitter and Facebook page I created for the DAs office.  I just wish they had tried reaching out to me earlier in the week so I can come up with something more professional.  I had to come up with something really fast. They only gave me a few hours before the memorial to make the announcement. I had work and class, which meant I had 30 minutes to come up with something.  I guess that was a test to see how well I responded to working with deadlines. I did make the announcement and was a few minutes late for class.  Intern life is no joke. It’s like a real job; you just don’t get paid. In the end, hard work and dedication always pays off.


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