Madison Ullman

Continuing to Work the Floor

Last week was my first experience learning how to work the floor. It was a fun experience, but last week I struggled to understand how to truck one of the cameras. This week, I worked floor again. I was still struggling to understand how to truck camera two, but after watching Danna do it, I finally learned how to move it. There is a circular bar that I thought was used to push and pull the camera into place. However, if you twist the bar, it changes the direction of the wheels and allows you to either move it forward, backward, left, right, diagonal, etc. Finally seeing how to control the camera, has made it a lot easier to work the floor this week. I love that even though I have been with WLTZ for a few months, and I do a lot of the same activities each time, I am still managing to learn new things every time I come in for my internship.


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