Louis Sanville

Week of March 13 – 17, 2017

My internship with PMB Broadcasting was in full effect on the 17th, and I came late, which was probably not a great way to make a first impression. I got to meet my advisor Edgar Champagne, who is a host of the station R&B 92.1 (He didn’t pay my tardiness much mind). One of the oddest things about him is that his voice off radio is exactly like his speaking voice. For about two hours, I sat in a chair while he would read some of the liners of the day. Then, we would talk about life, what some of the duties would be, how the programs were ran (everything is pre-recorded), and more. My first assignment was to post a St. Patrick’s Day post to the Facebook page, which took some time to finish. So far, it’s similar to my experience at WCUG though I would have more involvement. I would hope to gain more valuable experiences and lessons at my new internship.

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