Claudette McKenzie

This week, I was scheduled to do a TV interview, not as an intern, but as a victim working for the DA’s office in the victim’s department. Basically, I had to speak like I worked there.  I was so terrified to do the interview. For one, I am bringing awareness to victims of all crimes, not just domestic violence, which is something I have never done before on TV. Two, I was not prepared because the event that’s being held is not finalized and most times they have meetings, I am in class. I was able to do the interview with the help of the person interviewing me since he has done it in the past. I am scheduled to do more TV interviews. Hopefully, I will be more prepared and relaxed. As an intern, I have full control over all the work I am doing, which puts a lot of pressure on me daily. I have no guidance, just a campaign folder on how to launch a media campaign which I follow daily. For example, I sent out all the press releases and 72 hours later they all came back undelivered. I was terrified of being fired and I don’t even have a paid job. Being fired as an intern would not look good for me. I was able to save the day by calling one of the TV station and explaining what happened. They said it was ok and booked an interview with me. They also suggested to me how to go about fixing what happened. Hopefully, next week will go more smoothly.



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