Tieanna Graphenreed

Ducks in a Row

My week started with the Ugly Duckling matinee performance for local elementary schools. I directed teachers and their classes to their seats for the performance. My favorite moment was speaking with the kids. They were so excited to see the show, and spent the time they were waiting to be seated telling me about every show they had seen at RiverCenter. It’s one thing to know that RiverCenter offers ArtsReach programs, but it’s another to truly see the positive effect the program has on children. I think arts in schools is incredibly overlooked, and I’m thankful RiverCenter can fill that gap.

The rest of the week was spent preparing for the Bollywood musical Taj Express. We are expecting a large turnout for the free cultural activities, workshops, and the show so all hands are on deck. Hopefully, everything is organized and next week will go smoothly.


Madison Ullman

Falling Into A Routine

This week was very similar to last week. I ran audio for the 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. newscasts. In the morning, however, I got to help director Nicole find graphics. She usually does not make graphics for the morning show, but she had to create a map and a full screen for that day’s Facebook Fan of the Day. She could not find the format for the Facebook Fan of the Day full screen, so I was able to help her. It felt nice being able to use the knowledge I gained from this internship and apply it and share it with someone else.

I enjoy these moments of problem-solving. Later in the week, I was able to do this again. One of our reporters compressed a video wrong but left before we realized it. Vince and I then sat around the Final Cut Pro screen testing different ways she could have compressed it wrong, and different ways we might be able to fix it. In the end, we realized she did not automate her settings so that all video clips were in 1080p. Instead, the first clip she dragged in decided how all other clips would be formatted. Once we realized this, we were able to re-edit the clip before the 10 p.m. broadcast. Finding solutions like this really make me feel part of the WLTZ team.

Erin Valentine

Blog #7: Calling for Interviews
Gov. Bentley had heart surgery or a heart procedure. My boss wanted to find a cardiologist to interview to find out more about the procedure. I had to call 15 different numbers to ask for a cardiologist to interview at 1:00. He gave me this task at 11:30. I found all the numbers to call and called them within the next hour. Unfortunately, we could not get a cardiologist for the interview, but it gave me good practice at calling.

Claudette McKenzie

I am still working on finalizing my media contact list. I was able to connect the office where I intern with other government officials’ office sin Atlanta through the work I’m doing on social media. To me, this is a success. I’m seeing first-hand what jealousy on a job can make a person do to try and make themselves look good for not doing their work in the first place. I’m learning as an intern the business world can be cruel and if you’re not careful, you can get caught up. I am thankful for the core skills I’ve learned in group communication how on to handle group work and how to carry myself in a professional manner.

This week, I attended the Quarterly Fatality Review which I helped to promote on social media. The event was a great success. As a victim of abuse myself, I had to be strong listening to the reviews on survivors who committed suicide and those who attempted suicide. I was emotionally drained after hearing the speeches. I have to learn to be strong because this is going to be my career.


Olivera Tadijin

Last week, I have been extremely busy catching up with school work and midterms. Other than that, I spent some hours at the CORTA office creating a new social media challenge called the “CORTA Emoji Challange”. In this challenge, we created three emojis from the tennis balls and nominated three people to do the same. At the end of a two month period, we are going to announce the winner. I think this is a great way to interact with our audience through social media, and hopefully it will help improve CORTA’s marketing.

Here are some emojis that people created.

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Ventrine Parham

This week has been a great week for me and the staff at WCUG. During this phase of the process, we are working on getting the students and faculty familiar with 88.5 WCUG.
We have a few PR campaign ideas that we have discussed and are putting into action. As of now, 88.5 fm should be playing on the CSU transit radio system. We are planning to survey students about the music on the bus, and then we plan to gauge the audience feedback.
There are many exciting and wondering things that are going to happen the near future for the radio station.
It was a truly a great week!

Amanda Miron

Interesting Things

It has been interesting to read everyone’s blogs. Some people are learning how to do things and others are just diving in. I wish them well. As for me, it is great to read all of these blogs. I hope everyone continues to learn!