Claudette McKenzie

I am still working on finalizing my media contact list. I was able to connect the office where I intern with other government officials’ office sin Atlanta through the work I’m doing on social media. To me, this is a success. I’m seeing first-hand what jealousy on a job can make a person do to try and make themselves look good for not doing their work in the first place. I’m learning as an intern the business world can be cruel and if you’re not careful, you can get caught up. I am thankful for the core skills I’ve learned in group communication how on to handle group work and how to carry myself in a professional manner.

This week, I attended the Quarterly Fatality Review which I helped to promote on social media. The event was a great success. As a victim of abuse myself, I had to be strong listening to the reviews on survivors who committed suicide and those who attempted suicide. I was emotionally drained after hearing the speeches. I have to learn to be strong because this is going to be my career.


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