Madison Ullman

This week was the first week since the influx of new production assistants that I was able to run audio again in the morning. Diego offered for me to run the whole 5 a.m. show on my own. I was hesitant to take him up on the offer because I had not run audio in about two or three weeks. Nonetheless, I decided to run the whole 5 a.m. broadcast, and the 7 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. broadcast. With the exception of a few clipped mics, I did a great job. Diego recommended that I tell Gene and Vince I did well running audio in the morning so that they let me run some audio during the evening newscasts.

Gene also wants me to start learning how to work the floor during the newscasts. I am excited to learn about this area of production. The floor person trucks the cameras, updates the teleprompters, and cues the on-air talent. On top of that, Vince said he is going to let me direct some segments in the evening newscasts. I look forward to tackling these new challenges in the coming weeks.


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