Scharis Weary

This week, I started my internship. So far, I have been working on collecting contacts for the company.  I enjoy working at the studio. The work environment is easy going and the other interns have been helping with teaching me certain things.

Amanda Miron

Second Week In

I am having a great time reading everyone’s blog posts and seeing how they are doing with their internships. My responsibilities have not changed much, but I did wipe the camera lens off the 4K cameras that we have for rent in the NPACE Center. This coming week, I hope to talk to people and have more responsibilities. I want to learn all I can about NPACE, and hopefully help to the best of my ability. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

Scharis Weary

First Day of My Internship

Today I started my first internship at Fun Academy Motion Pictutes. I am learning how to create spreadsheets and analytics from social media among other things. I hope to learn as much as possible about the film industry from Fun Academy. The people are awesome and ready to teach me what they know.

Olivera Tadijin

This past week was extremely successful for me and I have learned a lot about social media and marketing here at CORTA. I have attended a few meetings with the marketing staff and proposed a couple of ideas on how to improve their marketing. Some of them were to create a blog and start blogging on a regular basis and the other one was to create a snapchat filter for the facility. Since snapchat filters cost money depending on the size of area and time frame, we started working on raising money as well. This weekend there was  a tennis tournament at the facility as well, so I helped them organize the matches and monitor the scores on the courts.

Madison Ullman

Trying the TriCaster

This week was a good week. Diego considered letting me run audio for the 5a.m.-6a.m. news cast, but decided to wait because I only work audio on Mondays. However, I did a great job working audio for the 7 a.m.- 7:30 a.m. broadcast, so he decided that next Monday he’s going to let me run audio for the first hour.

Vince has continued to let me create all the graphics for the evening news casts. He is also starting to let me get more comfortable working on the TriCaster. In fact, Gene wants me to start doing some directing soon, so Vince let me dip my foot in the directing world. On Friday, Vince let me direct a couple of promos for the weekend. While the TriCaster board is still intimidating to me, I look forward to learning more about it and getting more comfortable directing.


Claudette McKenzie

My first week as an intern was an experience like know other. I had to sign a contract stating I would not say or repeat what I do or see interning at the District Attorney’s Office. This will limit what I have to say in my weekly blog which I like anyways. Working with victims and bringing awareness is something I take seriously, so sharing what I do is not an option. I know one thing. Life as I know it will never be the same after my first week of interning. I see life different now, and don’t take much for granted. I am also happy to use what I’ve learned from professor Avery as a social media intern by using social media to bring awareness about all victims.

Claudette McKenzie

The first week of my intern life didn’t go as smoothly. I was assigned to intern for a realty company with pay and that was not something I wanted to do. My goal in life is to help victims of crime. The second was NPACE Center and that too was something I was not interesting in doing. When I found out the COMM Department really didn’t have anything like that for me to do, I was really heart broken and sad. I felt like I wasted all these years going to school and trying to tell my story to motivate others was for nothing. I say this because I still struggle with my learning and writing and needed some firsthand experience to help me grow as a person.  I prayed about it and God answer my prayers. I got an internship position doing what I love and that’s helping to bring awareness to victims of any crime even though domestic violence is what I know most about. This internship is going to help me grow as a COMM PR major.