Madison Ullman

Punching a Show

Punching a show is what happens when the director sits in front of the TriCaster board and hits the different keys to change shots or bring up graphics. On Monday, Director Nicole let me punch my first show. I took over for her during the 30 minute CW GA-BAMA news broadcast. It was extremely nerve racking, but I only messed up once. I was supposed to run audio for the first hour, but there were new production assistants who needed training on the audio board. I was very excited to be able to punch my first show. I also got to control the cameras. There is a separate board that controls all the panning, tilting, focuses, white balancing, and zooming of the cameras.


A lot of times anchors will shift positions, or a camera will be physically moved by the floor person. When this happens, the shots have to be readjusted. I had never touched this board before, but while I was punching my first show, I got the opportunity to use this board. It was a really great learning experience. I still do not fully understand what all the buttons on the board do, but I am excited to learn more about it and get more comfortable punching shows.


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