Madison Ullman

Trying the TriCaster

This week was a good week. Diego considered letting me run audio for the 5a.m.-6a.m. news cast, but decided to wait because I only work audio on Mondays. However, I did a great job working audio for the 7 a.m.- 7:30 a.m. broadcast, so he decided that next Monday he’s going to let me run audio for the first hour.

Vince has continued to let me create all the graphics for the evening news casts. He is also starting to let me get more comfortable working on the TriCaster. In fact, Gene wants me to start doing some directing soon, so Vince let me dip my foot in the directing world. On Friday, Vince let me direct a couple of promos for the weekend. While the TriCaster board is still intimidating to me, I look forward to learning more about it and getting more comfortable directing.



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