Madison Ullman

Behind the Scenes

I am not the strongest writer. I struggle with grammar and with AP Style, so I found some of my work this past week challenging. Leah asked me to turn an excerpt from a script into an article for their website. After I worked on the article, I sent it back to Leah for some constructive criticism. She went over it with me explaining some of the things I could improve on and how to make the story flow more. She then posted the story to the website.

While I look forward to pushing myself to improve on my writing skills, I must say I prefer the production aspect of my internship.  I love making graphics for their shows. I always feel so proud when Vince has me create a new full screen (FS) or over the shoulder (OTS) and people from the production team say they like it. Christie, the producer, even asked me to start making more graphics for them.

I also love learning more about the TriCaster. It is such a cool looking machine. There are so many buttons and lights. That it is intimidating. Vince said he’s going to let me run the TriCaster during one of the shorter segments. I am so excited for that opportunity. I am hoping to learn more about writing articles, the TriCaster, and the sound board this coming week.  


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