Nikki Pham

Blog 2

10 September 2016


Week two: Practice Makes Perfect

            Has it really only been two weeks? Time really does fly. This week, I focused more on mastering how to write video scripts. Out of the ten scripts I wrote, a total of eight of my scripts were used. Plus, the news director let me call the time to let the anchors know how heavy or how light they were on time. Then on Friday, I went out with Jenna again. We went to three football games to film for the 11 p.m. news. However, I would have to say the highlight of my week was winning the props contest to bring home one of the props, which means I am the new owner of the LiveU bobble head. Coming up next week, I hope to continue to work on my video scripts. I am also interested in trying out my skills on editing video clips to prep me for making packages later. Either way, this week was a success and I look forward to another week of doing what I love most.


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