Raigan Smith

Week of April 10

This week was less about projects to complete and more about learning the ropes of what the writer/editor does on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. With next week being Anna’s last week, I had to learn a lot of the protocols and deadlines for that position. Without her here, I am taking over many of her responsibilities.

Things I learned were the internal monthly publication, Lifelines, which explains the month in review and gives the employees a comprehensive look at what happened at Columbus Regional. This is a four page document that I learned how to decide what to write about, how to format, how to gather information, and different contacts for different articles. I also met, by phone, our external designer is and was able to establish that relationship so in future publications I am able to easily get the information to her.

I am in charge of creating the May Lifeline article and so I started conducting the preliminary draft for that. With my drafting, I conducted an interview with an employee to craft a story about the Wellness Center on CRH’s campus. This was a great opportunity because I have interviewed before but this was my first chance to be given an assignment, start from scratch, assemble to questions, conduct the interview, and write the story. Overall, the process was very enjoyable and I am glad to have been entrusted with such an important task as Lifelines.

I also learned how to write and submit to many external and internal publications Columbus Regional is a part of such as the Spring Harbor Bulletin, Medical Staff brochure, Columbus Regional Medical Group newsletter, and a few others. The training process included the contacts, where to gather information, how to format the submissions, when to submit, and everything in between.

As I did week prior, I am still working on digital boards and getting those made, put up and taken down. These boards are a tedious process that takes up a large portion of time. I typically take Monday to focus on the boards as well as other writings that I have to complete.

This week was a great eye opener to how much is done on even a weekly basis. I am excited to continue my journey with Columbus Regional throughout the summer and into the Fall semester.

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