Caleb Janney

Week 12

This week I had to get every thing ready for our Fireside chats. I forgot to follow-up with our facilities manager last week. Although I did send an event request about a month ago specifying our needs for our event, I normally follow-up the week of the event to ensure that all is well. I forgot to do that and I was left to setting up everything myself today. I liked that I set up the space today though. I was able to design a more comfortable environment with the use of fewer tables and less chairs. I used the stuff that was already on the pavilion and just added what extra I needed. I was able to cut down from six tables to just one and fifty chairs to just an additional twenty- one. I was still able to accommodate forty attendants and cut the set-up time from twenty minutes with two people to ten minutes with one person.

At the beginning of this week I only had four RSVPs for the chats. I constructed a base email and I sent it out on Tuesday reminding everyone of the event this Sunday. I made the link available for them to RSVP, I then also constructed emails for each of the following days to ensure that they were seeing the information. I set up the emails through Arena to be sent out in the future so that I didn’t have to do each day. I was able to get our attendance up to forty people in a matter of five days. I had my usual maintenance to do with Arena and updating our database regularly and I currently have emails waiting on me for next week. I also sent a specialized communication to our new house churches making sure they knew about the chats. I did this because I did not want to assume that they had already been acculturated into our organization. I explained to them what we would be doing and made them personally feel invited to our meeting.


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