Ansley Phillips

Internship Blog Week 11

This week was another slow week for my internship. We spent most of our time at the Zaxby’s location on Ft. Benning making sure things were running smoothly and seeing how much progress is being made at the restaurant. One of my tasks was to time the drive-thru during the busy lunch hour to see if we had cut down on our original drive-thru time. This is important because we want our customers to be pleased with their service so we are trying to make sure that we are being as time efficient as possible. We cut down our time by almost half from what it was opening day. We also looked over the statistics of the business to see how customers preferred to dine with Zaxby’s. We break down our dining services into three sections: dine-in, take-out, and drive-thru. Knowing which of these three is the most popular, or least popular, allows us to better cater to the needs of our customers so that we can enhance their dining experience. We will continue to monitor these statistics for the next week or so to see how well this location has done in its first month of business. When I began this internship I didn’t expect to see so much of the restaurant side of things, but it has been interesting to see how it works and what the similarities and differences are between restaurant public relations and marketing, and other types of public relations and marketing.


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