Amita Lee

Letter to our New Intern

Welp, it is officially the home stretch for this semester. I feel like this semester has been a long but successful semester. I am so excited to get the chance to welcome a new intern into the Ferst Family. Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on setting up the next Ferst Intern. I think that it is great to get the chance to be a part this process. I did not do a whole lot this week other than the usual Facebook post and updating the website. As this semester comes to an end, it is pretty bittersweet that I will be done being such an active part of this organization. I hope that the next intern makes the most of this internship. I hope that he/she appreciates the amazing impact that Ferst has with just a book. Giving children adventures and new chances. Ferst is such an amazing organization, and I hope that the next intern realizes that and takes complete advantage of the things that Ferst has to offer.  After a year with Ferst, I am still not ready to be done working with Ferst. Hopefully this is just the beginning of being able to use the skills I learned in the professional world.


Dear New Intern,

Well here you are. It’s about to get real…real fun. This internship is great. You will get the best chance to be your best self. All you have to do is love to learn. Learn how to do new things, learn how to be better at the things that you are already learning here and love to be a part of a team that wants you to succeed. From a professional standpoint, this internship is an amazing way to make connections. From the standpoint of having a great internship with great people who LOVE their jobs, you just hit the jackpot. So make it count. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, be humble and ask for help, but be confident and know that you have this under control. If things get crazy, I am always here if you need help, so are Jenny and Warren and the whole team. I guess, long story short, I am telling you to enjoy this time. I promise you, the first time you hear a parent tell you how amazing Ferst is and how they appreciate everything that you do, you will never want to leave.

Sincerely yours,

Ferst Intern 2015-2016

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