Raigan Smith

Week of March 27- April 2

This week was a shift in the department dynamic. One of the employees in the department accepted another job and will be leaving at the end of April. With the writer and editor leaving, the department has decided to start to give me more of that responsibility. This week was dedicated to training to do these responsibilities. This week was focused on finalizing the Columbus Regional Medical Group (CRMG) newsletter and digital boards.

The CRMG newsletter is a publication that goes out monthly to all patient’s of CRMG specified doctors. Anna gave me the articles that were sent to her by the doctors and told me other items that are typically added and let me take a stab at creating this from scratch. This included editing the articles sent by the doctors, deciding what corresponding pictures to add, how to format the articles to make the flow make sense, and putting everything together. Overall, it took about two days to complete. It was a great sense of what an average day would be like.

The digital boards are something that I have created but have never put up. This week I was trained and was able to put them up. I was given five different boards to create and place on the boards. The digital board process has many steps involved. First, creating the message on the template for the boards takes time. From the flyer or materials given to me, I had to prioritize what was most important to go on the board. Creating the messaging is a lot like a social media post. It has to be short, sweet, to the point, and also engaging enough for consumers (either patients, employees, or physicians) to respond to the call to action. After creating the board, I have to upload it to the system that is used. Then I have to go to the website designed to uploading the picture from the first system. When at the website, I first use the marketing test board in Anna’s office to make sure the digital board slide I created looked good enough to post to the specified boards. After uploaded, I can choose which boards the slide created goes onto. It is a lengthy process but a necessary one. It was a thrill to learn a new skill that I can add to my resume and discuss. This intern process has been one that has been very rewarding and I know that I can take this into my career when I graduate in December!


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