Raigan Smith

Week of April 3-April 9

This week I continued to learn details of my gained responsibilities. I continued to create and practice digital boards, learn the steps for different publications, and attended a media visit.

The media visit was my favorite thing I did this week! I got to accompany Jessica to see the way the media gets everything they need to craft a story from the interview to B-roll and I even got to be included in this. By that I mean that I was a “patient” in the ER while one of the doctors who was interviewed was “helping me”. It was awesome to not only see the process but also be included in it.

Escorting the media is a very important job of our department. Because of privacy laws, hospitals like Columbus Regional have to be very careful when the media is on campus. Any patient information, actual patients, or any confidential information cannot be videoed. This is where we come in, as the marketing and public relations department. We are to ensure patient confidentiality and make sure the media does not stray from the goal of the shoot.

This week I also learned more about the processes of different publications. Anna made a step-by-step guide to what roles she does so I am able to take them over during the absence of a writer/editor in the department.

Something else I have been able to experience during my time at CRH has been an in-house interview. This was done in our studio. It was with a local EMT about stroke awareness, the topic awareness of May. Nick is making an awareness video for our website and social media so we obtained footage of a local EMT that was generous enough to speak about his experiences dealing with stroke victims. Below is a behind the scenes photo of what I got to experience.


This is a picture of the EMT being interviewed by Jessica while Nick shoots and monitors the video and audio. I got to sit in on the experience and watch the set up of the set, the equipment and watch the interview being conducted. It was an incredible experience.

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