Mashaya Parks

Curtain Call Collectibles

The last shop that I work at on Main Street is called Curtain Call Collectibles. This store is before you get to the box office and photo pass area. In this store we have a princess area and a Mickey and Minnie Mouse area. In the princess area there are costumes of some of the princesses and their accessories to match. We have Princess Merida, Snow White, Anna and Elsa, Belle, Cinderella and Tinkerbell. What makes this area so special is that after the meet greet with Tinkerbell in Town Square Theater, the exit is directly through our store so they come out all excited wanting to be in a costume. They can also design their own custom charm bracelets or necklaces in the create your own bracelet section.

On the Mickey and Minnie Mouse side, there is every thing Mickey and Minnie from pillow pets and large plush, to pens and clothes for little kids. After kids leave Magic with Mickey and come through are store they get so excited and run straight to the display that we have of big Mickeys. It is the cutest thing ever. I even seen some adults come out crying because they were so excited.

In this store we also have a few hats just in case guests do not want to go to Chapeau and get one and they can also get them customized in Curtain Call Collectibles. In the store we recently added Disney Tsum Tsum. I honestly do not understand what they really are and what makes them so great but guests love them so that is all that matters.

My favorite part about working here is that Snow White does her meet and greets right outside our door in the front so I am able to see her interact with the little princesses and how happy they look when meeting her.

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