Ansley Phillips

Internship Blog Week 10

Like I mentioned in my initial blog, my internship was going to be something different every single time I went into the office. Other than basic office work, there were two main projects I was a part of this week that opened new experiences to me that benefit me in a public relations/marketing aspect.

The first thing I got to be a part of this week was a meeting with Laura Ann Mann who works with the Muscogee County Library to discuss their event in November called “Wine, Women, & Shoes.” This will be the second year that the event is held and they are looking for ways to expand their marketing and public relations to build this event bigger than what it was its first year. Essentially, the fundraiser will consist of different food, wine, clothing, and accessory vendors where patrons can shop and donate to the library. We met with Mann to discuss some ideas for public relations for that event. “Wine, Women, & Shoes” is a national group that host allows different groups to host events under their organization as a fundraiser. It was neat to see all that the “Wine, Women, & Shoes” organization does for the group holding the fundraiser and how they suggest that the event should be ran to be as successful as possible. When choosing to do this event, you are assigned a team from their main office that works with you on designing different print materials, things for social media, etc. They also include a timeline with suggestions of when to have certain tasks done by, like sending save-the-dates, sending formal invitations, and sending out “week of” reminders and e-blasts. It was interesting to see that they already have a plan in tact and just expect you to follow it to a certain extent. They are very organized in passing down information in order to make each event as successful as it could be.

The other cool thing I got to work on this week was developing the guest list for the opening of the “great room” at the Marriot and Houllihan’s in downtown Columbus. Part of Pezold Management Group is Valley Hospitality Services and the Marriot and Houllihan’s downtown are one of their properties. The great room is a new addition to the lobby of the Marriot that will include drink specials and small plate foods during certain hours on weeknights. My task was to help create the guest list for their grand opening.


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