Amita Lee

Mother of Rain

This was a great week in my internship. We got to put the final touches on the video for the grant we are trying to get this month and, if I say so myself, it came out great. I am so thankful for the people I work with at Ferst. I have been given an opportunity to make better material because of all the help I have been getting. When this video became something that I could not handle on my own, the CAT team stepped up and gave me help so that we could have something that will be useful and portray what we want them to get from our presentation. We also had a partner with Ferst foundation open the stage adaptation of her book this week at the Springer Opera House. Karen Spears Zacharias opened “Mother of Rain” this week. She has worked with Ferst the last year to make sure that we get the message out about the importance of reading to children when they are young and why she is in support of Ferst so it is great that we get the opportunity to show our support for her and her success.


All in all, this has been a really good week for Ferst!!


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