Mashaya Parks

Box Office/Photopass

Another one of my many locations that I work at is in the Town Square Theater at Box Office Gifts. The theater is where the guests can go to do meet and greets with Tinkerbell and Magic Mickey who can all talk with the guests.

The place that I work at is next to in the corner. In this area guests can look at their pictures that they have taken at all the parks and get to choose which ones they like or buy them all through a package called MyMemoryMaker. Guests can also choose to buy MagicBands if they would like to have them. My role at Box Office is to just assist with guests buying MagicBands and checking out guests who have purchased photo packages.

A MagicBand is a convenient bracelet that a guest can wear throughout the park that has all of their media on it such as their passes to get in the parks and their photos.

Even though I do not help people pick out their photos and edit them, I do have the pleasure of assisting the Photopass cast members in picking out the best looking photos or helping a guest choose their top three from my opinion of they cannot pick for themselves.

My favorite memory from working here so far is last week a family came in from taking a picture at the castle and come to find out they were recreating a picture that they took ten years ago when the children were little. It was the cutest thing ever and the photo they took was very similar to the old one.

This is one of my top three locations to work at because the cast members are great to talk to and I get the chance to see all the cool photos that people take.

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