Louis Sanville

Internship Blog #9

Things are getting back to normal at WCUG. It’s already April, and I’m just starting to complete some unfinished work. What was kind of surprising was that the station was quieter than usual. We would have some people like Tip and some other interns that would come over and do some liners for the station. It was just Oso and I at the station for the entire Friday. So, I went to do some work that needed to be finished.

Some of the most tedious work would at first seem to be the most simple. With that being said, looking over lyrics to British songs feels like an eternity to finish. If I didn’t mention this before, it’s three pages worth of songs. And I just finished the first page. I still use lyric websites, such as Genius.com, as an aid in my work. Sometimes, I feel like I could annoy Oso with questions about certain references and words. I have a long way to go with it, and I plan to use some free time that I have to do it.

The semester ends in a little over a month, and I hope that my work throughout the timeframe would show. From song selection to mixing, there were certain lessons about the radio industry that I took to heart. Hopefully, this experience would help me find a job within radio or in the broadcast industry. Until then, I hope to continue my progress and education on the broadcasting industry, using my experience in WCUG.


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