Courtney Napier

Interning at the Chamber:

    This week at the Chamber was such an eventful one because it was my birthday week! I am now another year older, another year wiser, and I’ve made it another year to make mistakes and keep growing. As far as work I mostly finished stuffing enhanced investor packets and mailing out more over die invoices, so that wasn’t too eventful. My birthday was (well to me at least) the highlight of my week, and my Chamber family contributed to making it a special one.

    I had a pretty light load on Wednesday and mostly everyone had left earlier that day for a conference, so that left me with not much to do. I was planning to leave early myself so I just worked through lunch to finish up and leave by 3. They ended up surprising me with goodies and a gift for my birthday and I was beyond ecstatic. I’m pretty much still on my birthday high (as if this post wasn’t reflective of that enough), but I just wanted to use this blog post to express how grateful I am to be apart of the Chamber family. I’ve learned so much so far from each of my supervisors in their particular departments, lessons that can only be learned from experience; and they take time to help with matters outside of my internship. For example, I didn’t do well on a test recently and they’re willing to go over it with me to offer advice on how I could improve. But that’s just one of many things.

    I feel like this semester is winding down so quickly and perhaps I’m getting nostalgic (and perhaps it’s just I have nothing much else to write about) but I just am so grateful for overt opportunity I’ve had thus far and I look forward to the future (and also summer:)). But until next time,

The Intern


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