Caleb Janney

Week 10

This has been a busy week. I spoke with Rob earlier in the week and he asked that I continue to update the Arena database throughout the week. We constantly have leaders of house churches changing so I have to make sure that the right people are listed as the leaders for the house churches to make sure that we are sending the right information to the right people. This is usually done by these groups communicating to Rob through email about this change and he forwards these emails to me and I make the changes as they come in. This time of year in particular has proved to be a time of transition for people, and I get these updates sporadically throughout the week.

I also have been keeping up with the RSVP list for the Young couples dinner that is being hosted next week. Those who are attending the dinner are emailing me and then I am updating that list as they email me. I made this list as a Google spreadsheet online that I have shared with those who are hosting the event so that they can also see the updates on the numbers and be able to prepare for that.

I also constructed our weekly newsletter. I reminded people about the events that we have coming up over the next couple of weeks with the RSVP links made available in the email so that they can register for those events. Those events include the young couples dinner and the Fireside Chats on April 17. I make sure that the leaders know about what is going on with house church events, sometimes church wide events, and also keep them updated with a personal note about the past week’s sermon series with links to the podcast so that every one is able to stay updated to where the church is currently at.


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