Raigan Smith

The week after Spring Break has been rough. Although I worked hours during Spring Break, it was still difficult getting into the swing of things. This week it was a pretty simple week. I helped Anna with editing different publications, creating writing pieces and creating a social media campaign for a service line at the hospital.

There was also a fun aspect of this week. Every department manager at Columbus Regional Health has to meet with the marketing department. This week we had one of the orientations with different departments such as the labor and delivery unit, pediatrics unit and the nursing manager. The orientation covers details like who is a part of the department, what our roles are, how our department and the others are related, and we allowed questions for them to get any answers needed. It was a great experience to see how the Mother/Baby unit or any other unit on the CRH campus can relate to marketing. Since we create material for every unit to use on the website and other publications.

Other than that meeting, it was a pretty standard week. The biggest thing I worked on was a social media campaign designed to promote the prenatal classes held for soon-to-be moms and dads. The campaign contains a digital board post that will be promoted around Midtown Medical Center (seen below), social media posts ranging from one to two a week until Mother’s Day, and a flyer to post around Midtown and to put digitally online. I am learning how to create digital board slides and post them so I am able to see this project to completion, from start to finish, by myself. This is not the first project that I have done like this but it allows me to have the confidence in my work to know I am able to complete detailed tasks like this.


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