Mashaya Parks


Chapeau is the famous hat store on Main Street USA. It has a different range of hats from different types of head bands to the famous Mickey Mouse ears that everyone wants.

The thing that I enjoy most about working in this specific store is customizing the hats for people who want something on them.

I recently just made two hats for a couple who just got engaged at the park, so they purchased bride and groom hats. The couple had purchased bride and groom hats and on the back of the grooms it said “She said YES!” and on the bride’s hat it said “I said YES!” The couple was very excited to have their hats done for them because it is a memory that they will forever keep.

Another part of Chapeau is the pin trading corner. Pin trading is a really big thing at Walt Disney World. People come from various places just to trade pins or collect them. I have seen people with full vests of the pins that they have collected over the years and some even have full skirts. Kids get so excited to see a pin that they really want to trade. Sometimes we even have a pin board out for them to choose what pins they would like.

Below are a few pictures of Chapeau that I’ve mentioned in this post.


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