Louis Sanville

Internship Blog #8

Things are slow this week. First of all, I did not go to the station at all. I was told to not come to the station on Friday (March 25). So, it left me with some time to think about some other tasks I have to accomplish for the station. Second, not much of those tasks have been done since being assigned to them. To be honest, other work for classes have got in the way. Also, even if I had time for them, I wouldn’t feel like doing them. It’s a habit that I have to work myself out of. But since the week has been free, I can talk about the task in progress that has been a bit difficult for me.

Before I left for spring break, I was given the task to look over lyrics to British songs for editing. I use lyric websites, such as Genius.com, as an aid in my work. I remember being attentive while checking the lyrics, because there were certain references that could slip through the cracks. Anything that I would find to be any sort of obscene language would be checked to go into editing. In my opinion, some of those songs didn’t need much editing (The word ‘high’ in Elton John’s “Rocket Man”, for example, is more subjective and less straightforward as a double entendre). But I know that it’s not my place to argue with FCC regulations. So, I would just have it marked for editing anyway. I have a lot more songs to check, and I plan to use some free time that I have to do it.

The semester ends in a little over a month, and I hope that my work throughout the timeframe would show. From song selection to mixing, there were certain lessons about the radio industry that I took to heart. Hopefully, this experience would help me find a job within radio or in the broadcast industry. Until then, I hope to continue my progress and education on the broadcasting industry, using my experience in WCUG.



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