Heather Franklin

The gala is 30 days away. While this is all consuming, there are still things to get done at MercyMed. While in available time, Chris Stone and I work on the finishing the video to present at the gala, I am also in charge of all graphic and material creation. Programs, slides, portrait displays, informational displays and thank you’s. One of the biggest questions I have to ask myself in this process is “what is the purpose.” Knowing the answer to this question allows me to do my job better.

I the midst of this, I have enjoyed spending some time re-formatting and editing some of the web content. This task is simple yet very important towards making MercyMed’s online presence accurate and useful.

I have time to grab fun shots in the office. Our followers on social media seem to respond best to the loving and goofy personalities that make up this incredible organization.

Give us a follow;)



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