Caleb Janney

Week 9

I did not submit a blog last week because of spring break. I was not sure if were expected to still submit one during that time. I did however go into the office and work a few hours last week. I recently had to make an RSVP form for a dinner that one of the other ministries is hosting from Grace this past week. I have been working to get that link out to potential attendees. I created the link last week and sent it in to the department that I thought was heading up this dinner, but it seems that I am responsible for all of the RSVPs. This is the most I have had to work outside of the House Church department to communicate effectively. The other events we have previously hosted, like fireside chats, has been what I am in control of, all of the communication and exactly the parameters for planning the event. But this event has been a little more difficult because I haven’t been the one organizing the event. Part of this means people are emailing me personally to RSVP and then I have to sign them up. I am going to be working on a better solution to this over the next week.

I also had a couple of updates to do over this past week with arena. Our system is rather large as far as house churches, which is now getting close to 60 or more and then with an average of four leaders per group, there is a lot of information to keep up to date. We often have new leaders that replace some leaders who may have moved on and so this maintenance can require a good bit of time occasionally. Besides updating arena, I sent out our weekly communications to all of our house church leaders this week. This time of year we are a lot to communicate. I feel like with the amount of information we are sending out I may send two emails and divide up the information, otherwise it might be too cumbersome.


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