Ansley Phillips

Internship Blog Week 8

This has been an interesting week for my internship as I got to assist with a restaurant opening. Tracey Sayers, the COO of Pezold Management Group has opened a Zaxby’s on Fort Benning’s main base. I spent this week helping with the customer relations side of a restaurant opening by greeting guests, thanking them for their patience, and seeing if they needed anything while they were dining, etc.

One promotional tactic that Zaxby’s corporate uses is a “Fan Pack” of playing cards that are given to the first 100 guests at a new franchise. This pack contains a deck of 52 cards and on each card is a free meal coupon for every week of the following year. We handed those out within the first hour or so. Zaxby’s is also the only restaurant on base with a Freestyle Coke Machine, which has over 100 flavor combinations and options. Another promotional giveaway that we did was to give a coupon for a free drink from the freestyle machine on each customer’s next visit. Once the schools return from spring break, we plan on gifting each student with one of these cards.

A few marketing strategies that we have employed and that will be beneficial to the franchise are that Zaxby’s is located right next door to the movie theatre on base which draws in more business in the late evening hours, and Zaxby’s is also open until 10 p.m. which is two hours later than the Burger King on base so that drives in some late night business as well.

On opening day Zaxby’s served over 700 guests, which was higher than our projected numbers for the opening since all schools were on spring break during our opening. We look forward to seeing how having all of the students back on base will affect business.


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