Raigan Smith

Week of March 6

From morning events at 7 a.m. to department meetings, I was able to complete a lot of tasks this week at Columbus Regional Health.

Monday was a slower day. I worked on Celebrity Classic details with finalizing save the dates, Facebook posts and the campaign schedule. Below are the two save the dates that I made and were approved by the three parties that I am working with- Jessica in the marketing department who is helping me learn the ropes of social media, Meredith in the Health Foundation department who is in charge of running the event, and Lisa from Outdoor Events who is helping with the event and promotion.



This week I was able to do internship duties on a Tuesday even though my normal schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday was Miracle Pancake Day and I met Jessica and Anna at 7 a.m. at the IHOP on Airport Thruway to see what the event entails. There were Harris County and Columbus pageant girls asking for donations, a pancake flipping time and media to assist. It was a great experience to see what an out of the office event is like. Jessica, Anna and I even got pancakes together!


Wednesday was a productive day. While I awaited the approval of the save the dates and Facebook posts from Meredith, I helped Anna with different writing pieces she needed. I wrote newsletters for internal and external use, digital board slides for internal use, articles for internal use, and bulletin article for external use. This was a chance to use my writing skills using one article and putting a different spin on things based on the audience- either internal or external. Friday I got great feedback and was told by my supervisor that I did a great job and more writing jobs will be sent my way!

Friday was a slow day but I was able to participate in the weekly department meeting, the traffic stop. It was a great chance to see how the department organizes their thoughts, gets their tasks done, and see how assignments are doled out.

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