Morgan Nicholson

Intern Blog

This week was absolutely insane! I had the pleasure of working with the St Jude Radiothon with PMB’s country station, Kissin 99.3. I became so passionate about this organization I decided to help out with the entire Radiothon for 13 hours both days, I loved it. Over those two days our station raised over $21,000 for the kids of St.Jude. It was so amazing to work with the legendary Bear O’Brian as we shared out experiences and the children’s stories for St. Jude. I was also in charge of the social media campaign throughout the fundraiser. I posted the phone number for the hotline and also shared information about St. Jude, as well as interacted with the listeners. I really enjoyed learning about such a wonderful organization. During this fundraiser I also got to sit on three different shows where we encouraged listeners to donate. I was sitting in on the morning show, the midday show, and the afternoon drive.

During this time I also scheduled the music for the classic rock station for the entire week, which was really interesting to hear the songs I chose play on a radio station. Brian Waters has really taught me a lot when it comes to scheduling music. I’m excited for next week as we look more into the Lite log which gets more complex due to Ryan Seacrest show playing every day. I hope in the next couple weeks I will be able to schedule the lite longs on my own by picking the songs and making sure the format is correct nothing is missing. It will take more time learning the logistics of the radio station and the format so it will be fulfilling to see how I will be able to program the music one day.


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