Mashaya Parks


So one of the locations that I work at and previously mentioned is the Main Street East Confectionery. It is the busiest place on main street east and has everything from mugs to cake pops to oven mitts and salt and pepper shakers. Also, we have two showcase kitchens in the shop. Showcase kitchens are when the guests get to see our treats being made while on the floor. So if you ever come to the confectionery, you will see cotton candy being made to our specialty apples, to our very own dipped krispy treats.

Working in the confectionery is very fun for me because your day goes by so fast and you can interact with so many different guests. Also the great part about working here is that I have the best view of the move it shake it dance it parade and the festival of fantasy parade. Exciting right?

When I started off in the confectionery at the beginning of my program I was not that overwhelmed because I was used to working at a fast paced when I worked at my previous job. So checking out guests while still maintaining the friendly and excellent customer service was not a problem.

The one thing I do struggle with while working here is that when the parades are going on it can get really slow in this location. I mean really slow, which makes it hard for me because I do not like just standing around and waiting so I end up door greeting and interacting with the guests outside or stocking and fixing the inventory on the floor.

Below are pictures of some of the things that we sell in the wonderful place that is Main Street East Confectionery.




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