Mashaya Parks

Corporate Communication at Disney

During my tenure here at Walt Disney World, I decided to take a class called corporate communication that will count as a college credit towards my university.

The class began February 8 and will end on May 2. We meet every Monday at the Patterson Court housing complex from 8:30-12:30.  For the class we are required to dress in business casual attire for every meeting and wear our name tags that we were given at our traditions class.

The class is teaching us the in and outs of corporate america and the different factors of it. Some of the things include media relations, research, crisis communication etc. So if you are a communication major then I highly recommend this class if you are thinking about joining or already have been accepted to the Disney College Program.

So far the class is pretty simple to me because it is similar to the classes that I took back at Columbus State University. It is more hands on and we are currently doing a group project throughout the course that relates to the different things we learn weekly.

The company that my group has chose is Google. Google is such a massive company to look into which is why we chose it because there are so many different things to look at and discuss in our final presentation.

Hopefully by the end of my program I can share with you guys my final presentation!



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