Louis Sanville

Internship Blog #7

It’s getting towards the end of the school semester and the end of my time as an intern for WCUG, and I’ve learned some things from my experience. I’ve learned some of the basics of the radio business. Radio stations could go as quickly as they come. So, the station needs something that is going to set them apart from others in order to have staying power. With traditional radio considered to be an “art form” that is seeing its twilight years, it’s easy to see why this individuality would be important. Also, a station should cater to and engage with its target audience. In order to attract a particular audience, the station needs to provide the essentials (music, topics, discussions, etc.) that is going to keep them interested.

I learned about song selection for the music station. When a tracklist of current songs is constructed for the station, it would often be arranged based on the Billboard chart. The Top 25 songs of every genre gets the most airplay. Sometimes, songs that are not on the chart can sneak onto the radio, giving the listeners a certain change of pace. I found this this to be fascinating considering that most radio station would play only the best music of the week, which can cause some lack of musical diversity in my opinion. I found WCUG’s approach to be more fresh and progressive. Also, what makes WCUG stand out from the other stations in Columbus is that it is a multi-genre music station. It’s an impressive feature for a small station that had just yet to be officially launched.

Also, I learned to appreciate the small tasks that I do for the station, as it would help me move up in position. The work process is slow yet beneficial. Every week, it is starting to improve. I’m gaining knowledge just from doing simple tasks like creating tracklists and reading lyrics for explicit content. I’m starting to master the more technical tasks, but I’m trying to take it in little by little. I’m enjoying my time with the station, and I’m learning a lot from them.

As the semester soon draws to a close, I reflect on the lessons that I’ve learned from working at WCUG. From song selection to mixing, there were certain lessons about the radio industry that I took to heart. Hopefully, this experience would help me find a job within radio or in the broadcast industry. Until then, I hope to continue my progress and education on the broadcasting industry, using my experience in WCUG.



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